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Monthly Archives: June 2012

The short film I’m working on – LOVE IS STUPID – grew out of the desire to work with an artist/writer friend of mine Christian White.  We’ve been friends for many years and worked on various bits and pieces together (most of which never saw the light of day for one reason or another), but never really on an animation.

Whilst I’ve been in love with animation for a long time, I’ve only started learning the craft properly (see:  Things they should have taught us in university) within the past year or so – studying character animation over at which is an AMAZING place to learn from animators in the industry. It’s quite affordable compared to other online schools too.

So, in saying all of this, I feel like I’m at a stage with my mad skillz (sarcasm) where I’m comfortable working on some simple character animation.

Christian was keen to work on something and came up with the concept – which I’ll share at a later date – and sketched the basic character designs, leaving the production stuff for me.
And so LOVE IS STUPID was born, along with it’s hero BIRD (we’re super creative with names):

I said ‘simple’ animation, remember?

We decided that we wanted the short to aesthetically resemble line drawings on textured paper.  This would be both visually appealing if done correctly and minimize complexity in the character animation.  Christian’s work naturally has a very appealing ‘rough outline’ look, so it was a perfect fit.

After a few short tests, I was convinced that this design would work well for our purposes and aside from a few small changes in his wing placement and leg-length, Birdy Boy here should look pretty much exactly the same in the final short – along with a nice sketchy/hand-drawn outline.

I’m considering adding a tuft of feathers to his head (‘tuft’ is a thing, right?) to get some nice overlapping action in there, but this is a decision I can leave till towards the end of animating…hopefully.

So there’s a little background on the project and our main character.  I hope it wasn’t too boring…if it was, try reading all of this again after loading up some porn in a different tab and playing it softly in the background.

– Jon

Here’s a rough look at how Bird should appear in the final short, fully coloured and textured.

Looking pretty happy there.


Hi there, my name is Jon Asquith and I love animation.

I’ll be using this blog to give an insight into my process – and hopefully motivate myself – as I work on an animated short.

I’d also like to upload the occasional piece of artwork or animation, as well as some animation related musings.

Have I said ‘animation’ enough? …Animation.

– Jon