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I’ve been so busy with things that I haven’t had a chance to post an update for a while.  This is largely due to me leaving my full time job and starting two new part-time positions, both of which I’m really excited about!!  I’ll be able to post some more info on them soon.

I have been slowly chipping away at LIS when I’ve had the time and I’ve also started some pre visual work on a music video for the AMAZING band Sigur Ros.  They’ve given an open invitation to filmmakers from all over the world to chose ANY track from their latest album – Valtari – and create a video for it.  It’s all a part of their awesome mystery film experiment that I suggest you check out. I’ll have a full post about this very soon.

Things are simmering down and I’m getting back into a little routine, so there are more frequent posts on the horizon.

In the meantime, here’s one of the first pieces of concept art I created for the Sigur Ros video.